5+ Trendy Minimalist Bookends Designs (2019 TREND)

Are you a bookworm with hundreds of book collections? Chances are that you have shelves full of book.

To make sure the books are stored securely, you might need to consider bookends.

Today, the model and design of bookends vary widely, one of which is minimalist bookends.

This kind of item serves not only function but also beauty at the same time.

Bookends are usually made from stone, wood, or other heavy material.

You can also find one made from metal that comes with variety of shapes and forms as well as color.

The heavy material allows the book to stay in place, while the interesting design makes your bookshelves stand out.

Are you looking for trendy bookends with edgy design?

Here are some recommendations that can be taken into account.

5 Trendy Minimalist Bookends Designs

1. White marble bookends

design clinic bookends

Having classy nuance, marble is able to elevate the value of any room.

When it comes to bookends, white marble can also be used as high class material to bring your bookshelves one lever higher.

From its appearance, white marble bookends look minimalist and elegant.

From the side of functions, the bookends are effective to keep your book secure from falling.

2. Curvy wooden bookends

design geode bookends

To evoke minimalist nuance, the following modern bookends will do.

The small pieces are simply designed from wooden material combined with vinyl or other flexible material to create the curve.

This kind of bookends look futuristic, making it a great addition for bookshelves with modern or minimalist concept.

Not to mention it is also functional to secure your book.

3. Modern bookends with circle

design toscano bookends

These bookends will satisfy your need of elegant and minimalist nuance.

The L-shaped bookends are designed with white circle, creating artistic touch that is one of a kind.

This will be a recommended designs to complement your bookshelves.

Not only does it serve well in bookshelves, the bookends will also be impressive table decoration to be combined with similar nuance of chair or kursi.

4. Gilded marble bookends

designer bookends australia

This is another choice if you want to bring bookends into more serious decoration for bookshelves.

The bookends are made from black marble stone with artistic design.

Being gilded, the piece looks shiny to elevate the value of your bookshelves.

Either you have modern or contemporary bookshelves, the following bookends will be a great option to go.

5. Slim edgy bookends

wood bookends designs

Anytime you need bookends, just say the words!

The following bookends are made from metal with edgy shape of Book words.

It makes your book storage looks more fascinating than before.

Furthermore, your book will be securely kept inside the shelves.

Simply put the piece to the end of your book collections and let it do its job.

The minimalist bookends are suitable for any bookshelves concepts.

Bring your reading hobby to the next level.

These bookends are recommended to secure your book, at the same time provide style to the entire bookshelves appearance.

No matter which material you choose, make sure to match with the nuance of your book storage.

Do you need more references?

Now you can access https://www.thespruce.com/ and get any interesting information about bookends.