Ecuador: Revolutionary banana technology

Ecuador: Revolutionary banana technology

The country of Ecuador is about to introduce a new strategy to advertise bananas. According to an article in Fox News Latino, Ecuador is teaming up with a United States marketing firm to develop a new method of advertising.

All outgoing bananas will now have a QR code placed on them. Various companies have been using this technique to promote sales. Soon, banana sellers will be able to take advantage of this as well.

Customers will have the opportunity to scan the QR code sticker on the banana peel. This will take them to a video that explores scenic locations around Ecuador, encouraging tourism. The country has business partnerships with major banana distributors such as Dole, Del Monte, Noboa, and Chiquita. They hope that they can reach a wide market with their new advertising idea. They also hope to create their own marketing brand that is focused on generating revenue in tourism. People purchasing the bananas and viewing the videos will see the lifestyle behind their food’s origin.

“It’s amazing what technology is capable of nowadays,” says Thomas Hoey. “Almost everyone uses a smartphone so Ecuador’s new strategy will be really effective. When people bite into an imported banana, they’re getting a taste of another country. Now, they can go even further and take a little sightseeing trip through their phone. It really is impressive.”


Publication date: 8/7/2013