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Rupee is down by 35% in last 2 years

Find new Export Opportunities

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Export Opportunities

  • Weekly data on latest exports with Products, Price & Target countries
  • Alerts on new export opportunities in your sector
  • Further use our services to find export leads, access latest benefits under export policies

Import Opportunities

  • Weekly data on latest imports with Products, Price & Suppliers
  • Alerts on other importers, lower cost products, Price reductions and consolidation opportunities
  • Further use our services of Import club, Reduce import cost by 20%






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GeoSquare international procurement solution that can save you 30%

GeoSquare has launched world’s most advanced international procurement solution based on its several years of experience in international trade.

GeoSquare procurement solutions help businesses get significant price discount on products, reduce time and cost of import.

GeoSquare operate a highly efficient Supply Chain Network that make use of latest IT technologies to provide significant benefits to its users at fraction of existing cost.

Our intelligent system track your requirements against millions of international trades and help you procure from right source at best possible prices.




Export Import Workshop – Pune, India

Boost Your Business

Join our Export Import Workshop for Entrepreneurs, Businessman, CXO executives

Pune (Shivaji Nagar): Saturday, 1st Feb 2014 – 10AM to 5PM including Lunch (Bookings open now)

Mumbai (Andheri): Saturday, 8th Feb 2014 – 10AM to 5PM including Lunch (Bookings open now)

Nashik: Saturday, 15th Feb 2014 – 10AM to 5PM including Lunch (Bookings open now)


Import/Export Workshop Series to help educate small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) in Maharashtra with issues relating to international trade. The workshops provide companies with the most current information and tools needed to alleviate the challenges and barriers faced by small business owners involved in international trade.

The workshops topics are designed to provide SME’s with the opportunity to network with industry experts and state and federal agencies involved in international trade. Participating SME’s will gain first-hand, real world examples, practical tools, and information through a variety of workshop topics.

Hundreds of participants have already benefited from the workshops. Please contact a Trade Development Specialist to receive information about the next workshop.

A Must for Anyone Looking to Join the Global Marketplace

International trade offers excellent opportunities for both start-ups and existing businesses.

This workshop encompasses a wide range of topics including –

  • Getting Started with successful import & export marketing.
  • Discover procedures, policy, and international transactions.
  • Developing agreements with overseas relationships.
  • Learn the role of freight forwarders and customs brokers.
  • Financing International transactions.

Workshop Specialties

  • Get In-Depth Audio Visual knowledge of Import Export Business. Get free DVD of the entire material in workshop.
  • Start Marketing after understanding standards and specifications for International Trading.
  • Understand Practical Import and Export and Custom Clearance procedures.
  • Use GeoSquare techniques to boost your trade, get free membership to IMPORT EXPORT CLUB.
  • Understand warehousing and special Economic zones use in SCM.
  • Get connected with Hundreds of IEC holders and form a community.
  • Free CD (worth Rs.1500/-) with Course Material & Videos will be provided to all participants.


  • 09:30 – 11:00AM Generate Export Leads, Connect with Agents & Buyers

  • 11:00 – 12:30PM Get Hands-on experience with over 5 key tools for Export Import Intelligence, Data Analysis to build your business rapidly

  • 12:30 – 1:30PM Setting up Export Units, Government Benefits & International Certifications

  • 1:30 – 2:30PM Lunch (Included in Price) & Networking

  • 2:30 – 3:30PM Documentation, Banking, Finance & Management

  • 3:30 – 4:30PM Freight Management, Cost Redution & Free Shipping opportunities

  • 4:30 – 5:00PM Tea Time & Networking

  • 5:00 – 6:00 PM Five Strategies in Practice that will change the way you do Export & Import

Register Now

Rs.4000/- only

25% discount for Students & Education institutes


NZ: At last a good year for top fruit exports

NZ: At last a good year for top fruit exports

NZ top fruit growers are anticipating the best season for five years. Though there are still large volumes of fruit to clear New Zealand grown apples and pears have been fetching good prices in international markets. This has been driven by tow main forces – one being a shortage of competition from other countries this season and the other, growth in the Asian markets.

Just recently the NZ dollar has weakened slightly, which is likely  to be an additional bonus for those still awaiting payment.

Things are certainly looking better than they were a few years ago when the industry appeared to be in real trouble after suffering three years of losses on the run.

Turners &Growers’ global marketing manager, Rosstan Mazey, said growers could expect $ 24 to $ 25 a carton for jazz apples this year, up $ 4 to $ 5 on last year.

“We were very clear that we needed to improve returns for jazz, and there has been a huge effort to keep the market strong and hold the price up.”

Jazz sales had started very strongly in Europe, helped by a largely empty market and excellent fruit quality, he said. The long, dry summer had produced fruit with high brix levels.

Envy, a sweeter variety aimed more at Asian markets, was also selling well, achieving record prices, Mr Mazey said. Returns were expected to average $ 32 to $ 34 a carton.

However, some are pointing out that the bad run in previous years means that more than one good season is needed to put growers back on track.

Pipfruit NZ spokesman Gary Jones said that while growers were feeling a lot happier now that they were getting reasonable returns from almost all markets, the key was to repeat this season after season.


Publication date: 7/9/2013

Free Trade Agreements India

Government has signed over 25 Free Trade Agreements but has failed to educate Importers & Exporters to take benefits

GeoSquare help you quickly access these benefits and reduce your cost of Imports & Exports. You can save upto 20% with various mechanisms provided in these agreements. 


  • We make it possible for even small businesses to access these benefits.
  • We Simplify International Trade Documentation to help you access benefits faster
  • We have over 12 Yrs of experience in International Trade, Make us your partner.




  • To avoid penalties from foreign Customs authorities for inaccurately stating content origin of goods shipped across borders.
  • To gain sales and tariff benefits for goods with non-originating content that still may qualify for tariff reduction under a FTA.
  • To ensure that you have gained appropriate tariff reductions through the phase-in of FTA reductions.
  • To protect your customer, by making certain that your customer has an accurate certificate of origin.


Polish tomato exports decline, greenhouses updated

Polish tomato exports decline, greenhouses updated

Though tomato exports in Poland has been declining for several years, reaching a nadir during an E. coli outbreak in 2011, Polish tomato production facilities are improving. Especially for greenhouse-grown tomatoes, growers are investing money in technological updates.

“The export of Polish tomatoes has been decreasing since 2008,” said Jan Nowakowski of Genesis Fresh. “The lowest volume came in 2011, when an E. coli crisis broke out across Europe.” She added that not only have exports declined to the point where Poland is now a net importer of tomatoes, but the markets to which growers ship their tomatoes have also changed. Where most exports used to reach Western European markets, now growers are increasingly focusing on markets to the east.

“We’ve changed from European to Russian markets,” said Nowakowski. “Our main markets are now our neighbors.” Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Russia now figure prominently in exporters’ plans. The manner in which tomatoes are grown has also been changing. The nation’s annual production of 700,000 tons is still split between open-field and greenhouse growing, but the nation’s greenhouses are changing.

“There are still significant amounts of small sized glasshouses delivering to local or eastern markets,” said Nowakowski, “but new, state-of-the-art glasshouses are replacing those built 20 and 30 years ago.” While the number of greenhouses is diminishing, it’s expected that greenhouse tomato production will increase as old facilities are replaced with new ones that can churn out higher yields. Especially as technological innovations from Holland find their way to Poland, Nowakowski believes that the quality, shelf life and volume of Polish tomatoes will increase. That would go well with what Nowakowski believes is the best quality that Polish tomatoes possess: their taste.

“The main round variety is Admiro, which has a good taste, good shelf life, and it keeps fresh over long distances,” said Nowakowski. “Our beef tomatoes are Growdena and Bogota varieties, which have shorter shelf lives, but they both have a great taste that is appreciated by Polish and Russian consumers.”

For more information:
Jan Nowakowski
Genesis Fresh
Tel: + 48 22 378 34 05
[email protected]

Publication date: 7/2/2013
Author: Carlos Nunez

Setup Export Oriented Food Processing Unit in India

Setup Export Oriented Food Processing Unit in India

GeoSquare help you setup Export Oriented Food Processing Unit as per Government norms to seek export benefits and identify new opportunities for high margins exports.


  • Food processing exports are increasing by 45% per annum from India
  • Huge Local as well as International market
  • Huge supply base of material
  • Wide range of government benefits

Our Services

  • One stop consultancy for complete setup
  • Government approvals simplified
  • Register for export benefits
  • Sourcing form quality machinery from Taiwan, USA, India & Germany
  • Get started with our first few export orders