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Rupee is down by 35% in last 2 years

Find new Export Opportunities

Find new ways to save on Imports


Export Opportunities

  • Weekly data on latest exports with Products, Price & Target countries
  • Alerts on new export opportunities in your sector
  • Further use our services to find export leads, access latest benefits under export policies

Import Opportunities

  • Weekly data on latest imports with Products, Price & Suppliers
  • Alerts on other importers, lower cost products, Price reductions and consolidation opportunities
  • Further use our services of Import club, Reduce import cost by 20%






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GeoSquare international procurement solution that can save you 30%

GeoSquare has launched world’s most advanced international procurement solution based on its several years of experience in international trade.

GeoSquare procurement solutions help businesses get significant price discount on products, reduce time and cost of import.

GeoSquare operate a highly efficient Supply Chain Network that make use of latest IT technologies to provide significant benefits to its users at fraction of existing cost.

Our intelligent system track your requirements against millions of international trades and help you procure from right source at best possible prices.




Customs Import data search engine launched launches a web based search service focused on Import & Export market Analytic. A Free service allow you are search in latest Custom Daily List of Imports using high end search tools. All other customs import / export data searches are available as paid packages but GeoSquare has launched it as a free service.

Some sample searches


The service features

  • Blazing fast search engine for import records
  • highly effective and efficient search
  • Lot of filters to analyze


Benefits of the service

  • Price Research
  • Competition analysis
  • Procurement planning



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Export Import Workshop – Pune, India

Boost Your Business

Join our Export Import Workshop for Entrepreneurs, Businessman, CXO executives

Pune (Shivaji Nagar): Saturday, 1st Feb 2014 – 10AM to 5PM including Lunch (Bookings open now)

Mumbai (Andheri): Saturday, 8th Feb 2014 – 10AM to 5PM including Lunch (Bookings open now)

Nashik: Saturday, 15th Feb 2014 – 10AM to 5PM including Lunch (Bookings open now)


Import/Export Workshop Series to help educate small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) in Maharashtra with issues relating to international trade. The workshops provide companies with the most current information and tools needed to alleviate the challenges and barriers faced by small business owners involved in international trade.

The workshops topics are designed to provide SME’s with the opportunity to network with industry experts and state and federal agencies involved in international trade. Participating SME’s will gain first-hand, real world examples, practical tools, and information through a variety of workshop topics.

Hundreds of participants have already benefited from the workshops. Please contact a Trade Development Specialist to receive information about the next workshop.

A Must for Anyone Looking to Join the Global Marketplace

International trade offers excellent opportunities for both start-ups and existing businesses.

This workshop encompasses a wide range of topics including –

  • Getting Started with successful import & export marketing.
  • Discover procedures, policy, and international transactions.
  • Developing agreements with overseas relationships.
  • Learn the role of freight forwarders and customs brokers.
  • Financing International transactions.

Workshop Specialties

  • Get In-Depth Audio Visual knowledge of Import Export Business. Get free DVD of the entire material in workshop.
  • Start Marketing after understanding standards and specifications for International Trading.
  • Understand Practical Import and Export and Custom Clearance procedures.
  • Use GeoSquare techniques to boost your trade, get free membership to IMPORT EXPORT CLUB.
  • Understand warehousing and special Economic zones use in SCM.
  • Get connected with Hundreds of IEC holders and form a community.
  • Free CD (worth Rs.1500/-) with Course Material & Videos will be provided to all participants.


  • 09:30 – 11:00AM Generate Export Leads, Connect with Agents & Buyers

  • 11:00 – 12:30PM Get Hands-on experience with over 5 key tools for Export Import Intelligence, Data Analysis to build your business rapidly

  • 12:30 – 1:30PM Setting up Export Units, Government Benefits & International Certifications

  • 1:30 – 2:30PM Lunch (Included in Price) & Networking

  • 2:30 – 3:30PM Documentation, Banking, Finance & Management

  • 3:30 – 4:30PM Freight Management, Cost Redution & Free Shipping opportunities

  • 4:30 – 5:00PM Tea Time & Networking

  • 5:00 – 6:00 PM Five Strategies in Practice that will change the way you do Export & Import

Register Now

Rs.4000/- only

25% discount for Students & Education institutes


Imports Club India

GeoSquare Imports Club is a unique concept that offer several benefits to the Importers based in India


Information Services

  • Get alerts on Import of similar products in India
  • Get Price & details of competing products
  • Import Club meetings help you network with other importers and service providers in your city
  • Import Export Workshops & Training help you sharpen your strategies
  • Weekly & Monthly Import Intelligence reports

Collaboration Services

  • Consolidation: We find importers of similar products across Indian ports and consolidate them to get better Price, Freight & Tariff
  • Tariff Management: We work hard to get best tariff and duty benefits applied to your imports, leading to long term savings
  • Free Trade Agreement (FTA) benefits: We work hard to source your product thru countries with which India has FTA agreements, leading to duty savings.
  • Port Shifting: Different ports in India have variations in the way they handle imports. We move your imports to the port where you can access most benefits, faster clearance. We also work to move Air Cargo Imports to Sea Cargo to reduce freight and  terms of clearance
  • Banking & Finance: We help you connect with right bankers who offer finance on imports at international lending rates almost half of Indian rates.


Free Trade Agreements India

Government has signed over 25 Free Trade Agreements but has failed to educate Importers & Exporters to take benefits

GeoSquare help you quickly access these benefits and reduce your cost of Imports & Exports. You can save upto 20% with various mechanisms provided in these agreements. 


  • We make it possible for even small businesses to access these benefits.
  • We Simplify International Trade Documentation to help you access benefits faster
  • We have over 12 Yrs of experience in International Trade, Make us your partner.




  • To avoid penalties from foreign Customs authorities for inaccurately stating content origin of goods shipped across borders.
  • To gain sales and tariff benefits for goods with non-originating content that still may qualify for tariff reduction under a FTA.
  • To ensure that you have gained appropriate tariff reductions through the phase-in of FTA reductions.
  • To protect your customer, by making certain that your customer has an accurate certificate of origin.


Tariff Management in Import & Export

90% Importers pay 7% higher Duty and wonder why others are able to sell at lower cost and still survive.

Tariff Management is strategic service from GeoSquare, that help you reduce your Tariff and take benefit of various schemes.

Our approach ensure that you are taking advantage of all the opportunities afforded by the government regulations to reduce your total duty burden. An effective tariff management service allows you to profit by reducing the costs of doing business in the competitive global economy.

A tariff management program converts previously wasted dollars to profits. It consists of:

  • Duty Drawback
  • Tariff Classification
  • Free Trade Agreement Support
  • Access Tax Refunds


Contact GeoSquare and get started with a Cost reduction program specially made for importers and exporters.

AU: Asparagus imports a necessary evil

AU: Asparagus imports a necessary evil

An asparagus grower in Western Australia’s Southern growing region says imports are an unfortunate necessity, with greater market competition coming from within Australia.

Coles supermarket was this week fined $ 61,200 for displaying Australian Grown signs above imported asparagus and other fruit and vegetables.

Grower Dirk Mostert says that while he was disappointed to hear of those incidences, the nature of the seasonal asparagus production cycle makes imports unavoidable.

“Because it’s only a short growing season, it’s a Spring vegetable, it’s just a reality of life that once that stops, then supermarkets import it,” says Mr Mostert.

Mostert says that when the two do overlap in the market, he has no concern about pairing South West WA asparagus against imported product.

“I’ll back my asparagus against any imported asparagus,” says Mr Mostert.

“Our wholesaler sells imported asparagus up in Perth, and he always likes a bit of pre-warning when our stuff comes up because the buyers in Perth, they just walk straight past the imported stuff. As soon as they see a box of local asparagus, they are prepared to wait a week or two before they go back for imported asparagus.”

Instead, the threat of competition to WA markets comes from production in eastern states.

“When Victoria starts to fill their market, then they tend to load their trucks up and send it over to WA,” says Mr Mostert.

“That really affects our market. You see the prices really come back then. That’s our major competitor.”

In spite of the challenges, Mostert says the South West region equally affords growers opportunities, with the mining boom prompting an unexpected growth in markets.

“With the mining last year, there was a request to send our asparagus up to the chefs in the mining camps. They were really looking for it. Our wholesaler in Perth was getting quite a few orders for it. He was pleased to be able to send it on to them and they were quite rapt with it.”
Mostert is not overly concerned about how a flagging resources sector might affect those newly developed markets.

“It’ll be interesting to see how it goes. People are still up there and they still have to eat. Once you’ve got a taste for nice asparagus, it’s a bit hard to lose it.”

He is confident that with an established regional banner to grow under and favourable seasonal conditions, South West growers are in a healthy position leading into harvest over the next two months.

“Over the years, we’ve really pushed the South West asparagus. We have a name for it, we have a reputation for it and our quality is first of anybody in Australia. I’ll back it, no worries at all.”


Publication date: 7/3/2013