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GeoSquare international procurement solution that can save you 30%

GeoSquare has launched world’s most advanced international procurement solution based on its several years of experience in international trade.

GeoSquare procurement solutions help businesses get significant price discount on products, reduce time and cost of import.

GeoSquare operate a highly efficient Supply Chain Network that make use of latest IT technologies to provide significant benefits to its users at fraction of existing cost.

Our intelligent system track your requirements against millions of international trades and help you procure from right source at best possible prices.




Free Trade Agreements India

Government has signed over 25 Free Trade Agreements but has failed to educate Importers & Exporters to take benefits

GeoSquare help you quickly access these benefits and reduce your cost of Imports & Exports. You can save upto 20% with various mechanisms provided in these agreements. 


  • We make it possible for even small businesses to access these benefits.
  • We Simplify International Trade Documentation to help you access benefits faster
  • We have over 12 Yrs of experience in International Trade, Make us your partner.




  • To avoid penalties from foreign Customs authorities for inaccurately stating content origin of goods shipped across borders.
  • To gain sales and tariff benefits for goods with non-originating content that still may qualify for tariff reduction under a FTA.
  • To ensure that you have gained appropriate tariff reductions through the phase-in of FTA reductions.
  • To protect your customer, by making certain that your customer has an accurate certificate of origin.


Setup Export Oriented Food Processing Unit in India

Setup Export Oriented Food Processing Unit in India

GeoSquare help you setup Export Oriented Food Processing Unit as per Government norms to seek export benefits and identify new opportunities for high margins exports.


  • Food processing exports are increasing by 45% per annum from India
  • Huge Local as well as International market
  • Huge supply base of material
  • Wide range of government benefits

Our Services

  • One stop consultancy for complete setup
  • Government approvals simplified
  • Register for export benefits
  • Sourcing form quality machinery from Taiwan, USA, India & Germany
  • Get started with our first few export orders