Free Trade Agreements India

Government has signed over 25 Free Trade Agreements but has failed to educate Importers & Exporters to take benefits

GeoSquare help you quickly access these benefits and reduce your cost of Imports & Exports. You can save upto 20% with various mechanisms provided in these agreements. 


  • We make it possible for even small businesses to access these benefits.
  • We Simplify International Trade Documentation to help you access benefits faster
  • We have over 12 Yrs of experience in International Trade, Make us your partner.




  • To avoid penalties from foreign Customs authorities for inaccurately stating content origin of goods shipped across borders.
  • To gain sales and tariff benefits for goods with non-originating content that still may qualify for tariff reduction under a FTA.
  • To ensure that you have gained appropriate tariff reductions through the phase-in of FTA reductions.
  • To protect your customer, by making certain that your customer has an accurate certificate of origin.