Imports Club India

GeoSquare Imports Club is a unique concept that offer several benefits to the Importers based in India


Information Services

  • Get alerts on Import of similar products in India
  • Get Price & details of competing products
  • Import Club meetings help you network with other importers and service providers in your city
  • Import Export Workshops & Training help you sharpen your strategies
  • Weekly & Monthly Import Intelligence reports

Collaboration Services

  • Consolidation: We find importers of similar products across Indian ports and consolidate them to get better Price, Freight & Tariff
  • Tariff Management: We work hard to get best tariff and duty benefits applied to your imports, leading to long term savings
  • Free Trade Agreement (FTA) benefits: We work hard to source your product thru countries with which India has FTA agreements, leading to duty savings.
  • Port Shifting: Different ports in India have variations in the way they handle imports. We move your imports to the port where you can access most benefits, faster clearance. We also work to move Air Cargo Imports to Sea Cargo to reduce freight and  terms of clearance
  • Banking & Finance: We help you connect with right bankers who offer finance on imports at international lending rates almost half of Indian rates.