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Farm Fresh Produce ramps up bell peppers program, cabbage

Farm Fresh Produce ramps up bell peppers program, cabbage

Farm Fresh has 50 acres of peppers. Most of Farm Fresh’s produce is shipped to the East Coast, noted Ceccarelli, because their location in North Carolina gives them cheap freight costs when shipping to markets in the region. Ceccarelli noted that the season hasn’t been the best, but they’re busy providing for their customers.
“Peppers have been pretty good so far,” said Ceccarelli. “The market hasn’t been ideal, but we’re keeping our product fresh and our customers happy.”

Farm Fresh Produce is also in the thick of their cabbage program this year. Like with their peppers, Farm Fresh’s cabbage program is focused on East coast markets, which they can reach in about two days from their facilities in North Carolina.

“We’re going to do a lot of cabbage this year,” said Farm Fresh’s Steve Ceccarelli. They began harvesting Napa cabbage at the beginning of last month, and harvesting of regular green cabbage and Flathead cabbage began shortly after. The Napa variety is what Farm Fresh produces the most, with 70 acres dedicated to that kind of cabbage, while 30 acres are dedicated to the Flathead variety.

“We have an advantage from a freight standpoint,” said Ceccarelli. “It’s cheaper for us to ship to the East Coast and the Eastern part of Canada than it is for competitors who aren’t in this region.” Another big program for Farm Fresh is their line of sweet potatoes, which they also predominantly sell on the East Coast. Currently, Farm Fresh has grey, yellow and green sweet potatoes available.

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Farm Fresh Produce
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Publication date: 6/28/2013

AU: Chinese cabbage season getting underway

AU: Chinese cabbage season getting underway

Chinese Cabbage is now coming into better supply as the Australian weather cools, according to Ben O’Brien from Alfred E Chave. “The weight of each of the cabbage heads are getting heavier due to the cooler nights and mornings.”

The supply from Queensland will increase next week and will be in full swing in around 6 weeks time and run through to September. The current price on the Brisbane market is AU$ 16 for a carton of 8 and Ben said the quality is getting better as the season progresses.

For more information:
Ben O’Brien
Alfred E. Chave
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Publication date: 4/7/2014
Author: Nichola Watson

Armatic herbs with anti-listerial effect for fresh-cut carrot and cabbage

Armatic herbs with anti-listerial effect for fresh-cut carrot and cabbage

Irish scientists at Limerick University have assessed the antimicrobial effectiveness of aromatic herbs (thyme, oregano, and rosemary) against Listeria monocytogenes on fresh-cut vegetables (lettuce, carrot discs, cabbage and dry coleslaw mix). The antimicrobial treatments consisted 1) in direct application of essential oil (EO) on vegetables by spray or 2) in addition of shredded fresh herbs to fresh-cut vegetables and mixed.

The results confirmed the antimicrobial activity of the aromatic herbs, and the anti-listerial effects resulted in the order: thyme EO > oregano EO > rosemary herb > rosemary EO (Table 1).

Table 1. – Summary of the overall maximum reduction in counts for all the antimicrobial treatments tested on lettuce, carrot discs, coleslaw mix and shredded cabbage at 8°C (TBCs=total bacterial counts, ND=not determined) Click here to enlarge.

Thyme EO resulted the most effective against Listeria, however the direct application of all tested essential oils damaged the appearance of fresh-cut product. In general, it is not possible the direct use of essential oils during minimally processing because of their phytotoxic effects on vegetable.

Shredded fresh rosemary showed an high potential anti-listerial effect, while shredded fresh thyme and oregano did not show anti-listerial effects. However, fresh rosemary herb resulted effective only when it was stomached with fresh-cut vegetable prior to microbial analysis.

The effectiveness of these antimicrobial treatments varied according to the fresh-cut product: the best antimicrobial effects were detected on carrot discs and shredded cabbage. The same scientists have hypothesized a sinergistic antimicrobial effect between carrot and rosemary and cabbage and rosemary.

Source: Scollard J., Francis G.A., O’Beirne D., “Some conventional and latent anti-listerial effects of essential oils, herbs, carrot and cabbage in fresh-cut vegetable systems”, 2013, Postharvest Biology and Technology, Volume 77, pagg. 87-93. Further info:

Publication date: 10/1/2013
Author: Emanuela Fontana