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Cool Fresh focuses directly on the final customer with BonSweet offer

Mario de Goede: “Pineapple production and import increasingly concentrated”
Cool Fresh focuses directly on the final customer with BonSweet offer

The pineapple market had two sides in 2013. The year started well, but had three difficult months in the autumn, after which the market pulled up again in December. “This tendency is continuing for the most part. At the moment there are little to no sales to the East Block due to the holidays. The demand from Germany is also reasonably low, but this could pick up next week,” expects Mario de Goede of Cool Fresh International. “The supply is never that high in the first weeks of January, due to the holidays in Costa Rica. Starting week 3 more pineapple will be heading our way, but not as much as the volumes of the previous years.”

At the moment the price level of pineapple is between 7 and 10 Euro, depending on size. The importer expects 2014 to be a reasonable pineapple year. “In the end 2013 was a reasonable year too, despite a difficult period. We hope for a slightly better year with renewed energy. A clear tendency is that both the cultivation in Costa Rica and the number of importers in Europe is becoming more concentrated. You can only succeed if you take the pineapple trade seriously nowadays. It is becoming increasingly difficult for smaller producers and importers to stay afloat.”

Cool Fresh International has recently started focussing directly on the consumer with its pineapple brand Bon Sweet. “We started an offer at Christmas in which the consumers could enter a code found on the pineapple label on, where various prizes can be won. We will keep this offer for a few months, focusing directly on the final customer for the first time. With over 400 responses during Christmas week, we have had a successful start.”

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Publication date: 1/10/2014