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Pacific Trellis announces changes at Dulcinea Farms

Pacific Trellis Fruit, the Fresno, CA-based distributor of grapes and tree fruit, announced it will implement some changes at Dulcinea Farms, which it purchased earlier this year.

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Key among those changes is the departure of John McGuigan, manager of Dulcinea, who will leave at the end of August.

“John, a 25-year veteran of the produce industry, has been a great asset to the company since his joining,” the company said in a press release. “He was of great assistance to us on this latest acquisition, helping us to transition it from a public company structure to a more market- and grower-focused operation.”

“I have had the great fortune to work for outstanding organizations and help get them positioned for success for the future,” McGuigan added in the press release. “I know that the team will do great things with Dulcinea Farms going forward, and I wish them all the success in the world.”


Other changes planned for the fall include the expansion of Dulcinea’s melon program, with new production areas for all varieties. The company said the 2014-15 winter melon program will have increased volume with product coming from Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico.

Additionally, Pacific Trellis has hired former Syngenta employee Paul Collazo to a new research and development position, where he will work on existing and new proprietary melon varieties.

Steve Dabich, an eight-year veteran at Dulcinea Farms, continues the role of director of sales.

Pacific Trellis Fruit farms over 6,000 acres of melons annually and is the owner of the consumer brands “PureHeart,” “Tuscan-Style” and “Ruby Bliss,” and many others under the Dulcinea label. It is also a sizable grower and importer of grapes, tree fruit and other commodities.


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Dulcinea Farms focusing on spring and summer production

Since its acquisition by Pacific Trellis on Jan. 1, Dulcinea Farms has turned its attention to spring and summer production for this year.

“Melon season has become a year-round business but there is such an increase in watermelon demand starting in May versus the winter months,” John McGuigan, general manager of Dulcinea Farms, said in a press release. “It’s important we kick off the season with strong quality and marketing promotions in place to support the largest volume year so far for Dulcinea.”  

“Dulcinea’s summer program will include the flagship branded melons, such as the PureHeart mini watermelon, Tuscan cantaloupe and Ruby Bliss large seedless watermelon, but we are also focusing on new watermelon varieties that will be sure to complement the current portfolio” Linda Chen, chief financial officer and a partner at Pacific Trellis, added in the press release. “A continuous supply of new varieties is key to driving this business and we are putting significant efforts to forward this initiative.”

Dulcinea’s summer production will begin domestically in mid-May in Yuma, AZ, for the West Coast and in Newberry, FL, for the East Coast.  

“Our current winter production has been off to a slow start with some weather challenges, but we hope over the next few weeks to ramp back up to our expected volumes” McGuigan added in the press release. “Projection for the northern Mexico quality and volumes for early spring look very good, so we hope to promote frequently on both our PureHearts and Ruby Bliss watermelons.”  

Under the new ownership of Pacific Trellis, Dulcinea is looking forward to bringing more innovation to the pipeline and continuing to deliver the quality standard and promoting the brand, according to the press release.

The Produce News | Today’s Headlines – The Produce News – Covering fresh produce around the globe since 1897.