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Argentina: All Lemon finished the 2014 campaign with a 45% decrease in exports

Argentina: All Lemon finished the 2014 campaign with a 45% decrease in exports

ALL LEMON ended the 2014 season with a lower export volume and with optimal quality fruit as a result of the intensive controls it carried out. 

ALL LEMON, the Argentinean lemons for export seal of quality, is in its final weeks of the campaign, which was characterized by having a lower fruit volume than the 2013 season but a better quality. Hence it was well received by customers around the world. 

“Exports in 2014 will have dropped by more than 45% when compared to 2013, mainly because of the heavy frost in 2013′s winter in the plantations of Tucumán, and the severe drought between spring and midsummer. Altogether, exports will amount to approximately 145,000 tons of fruit. This drop in volume made it hard for us to meet the requested volumes, but we believe that next season will be better and everyone will be able to enjoy our lemons,” said Martina Corneille, from ALL LEMON.

This year ALL LEMON performed daily quality controls of the fruit in almost 18 packaging lines used by its 16 member companies during the 2014 campaign. More than 50,000 units of lemon (peak production weeks) were verified in a personalized way every week. “We are proud and calm because the fruit quality was very good and it was consistent throughout this campaign,” said Corneille. 

ALL LEMON performs controls for the Argenti Lemon, Cauquén, Cecilia Martínez Zuccardi, Citromax, Citrusvil, Expofrut Argentina-Univeg, FGF Trapani, Frutucuman, Juan Sigstad SRL, La Moraleja SA, La Patria SRL, Latin Lemon, Ledesma, Moño Azul, Pablo Padilla and San Miguel companies. 

New Initiative 

ALL LEMON is developing one of its most ambitious plans: promoting and encouraging a greater consumption of lemon worldwide via a campaign that, for the first time, will be directed to the end consumer. 

“We want to tell consumers about the lemon’s ample health benefits and great nutritional value so that they know about everything they can do with the lemons and incorporate them into their daily lives throughout the year. We want to help improve people’s quality of life by bringing them closer to a product that has no waste or contraindications, “Corneille said. 

The campaign will be implemented once the 2014 season comes to an end via various interactive initiatives on the web and social networks. Then, it will be held throughout the year.

About ALL LEMON – Tested & Certified for Export 

ALL LEMON Tested & Certified for Export is the Argentine seal of quality for lemons exports created in 2010 as an initiative of the leading producers, packers and exporters of lemon in the country, especially in Tucumán, which is the world’s leading producer of lemons. 

All member companies that are audited also have international quality certifications, including GlobalGAP. 

As an organization, ALL LEMON is open to incorporating as many Argentine exporters to their control systems. 

Among its promotional actions for 2014, ALL LEMON will participate with its own stand in two large fairs in September: Asia Fruit Logistica (in Hong Kong) and World Food Moscow (in Moscow). The organization will also be present through its member companies at the PMA Fresh Summit (in Anaheim, USA) and Fruit Attraction (in Madrid, Spain). 

For more information about ALL LEMON:
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Publication date: 8/21/2014