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Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) – A MANDATE IN THE FUTURE

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Introduction 1. A Legal Entity Identifier (or LEI) is a 20-character identifier that identifies distinct legal entities that engage in financial transactions. 2. It is defined by ISO 17442. 3. The LEI is a global standard, designed to be non-proprietary data that is freely accessible to all. As of October 2017, […]

Turkish hangover or solace from inflation, what will drive markets?

The Turkish lira, which sank 16% on Friday, plunged yet again (6.7% yesterday) to hit a record-low of 7.22 against the dollar. Contagion fears hit other emerging market currencies as well with the EM FX index declining by 0.7%. Meanwhile, the JPY appreciated on account of its safe haven demand and the USD index rose to a 13-month high level of 96.36.

A slow start to August, rainfall deficiency worsens

Rainfall deficiency has increased: August started on a weak note with rainfall deviation rising to -10% of normal as of 8 August from -6% of normal at the end of July. A major part of this increase in deficiency is led by lower rainfall in parts of North West and Central India in recent days (rainfall deficiency has increased to - 4% in NW and -5% in Central India).

Cryptocurrency and its future in India…

The latest technological novelty that raised the curiosity of the whole world, last year is virtual currency or cryptocurrency. The most popular one amongst these is Bitcoin. Bitcoin which operates like a wallet has gained significantly in last 1 year. The value of 1 bitcoin has increased from $1000 last year to around $8000 this year with a high of $19,000 in December 2017.

Government / RBI taken all steps to meet unusual currency demand

There has been unusual spurt in currency demand in the country in last three months. In the current month, in the first 13 days itself, the currency supply increased by Rs.45000 crores. This unusual spurt in demand is seen more in some parts of the country like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, MP and Bihar.