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San Miguel announces expansion plans, including partnership with Herndon Farms in Georgia

San Miguel Produce Inc. announced a two-phase expansion of new and expanded growing-processing operations in both the east and west.

The Oxnard, CA-based company said its national retail and foodservice growth of nutrient-dense, specialty greens has made it necessary to expand its growing and processing operations two-fold to provide a comprehensive and strategic, farm-fresh, grower-direct, value-added greens program to meet the demand of its customer base.

The first of the company’s two-part expansion is the addition of the new Georgia plant to open this winter. This location will service its current customer base in the midwestern and eastern regions of North America and open opportunities for new business in this region. This new growing-processing operation is a partnership between San Miguel Produce and long-time grower Herndon Farms in Lyons, GA. Construction of the new processing facility is expected to be completed by November.

The second phase of the company’s expansion is the addition of 40,000 square feet to its current plant in Oxnard, CA. This expansion will help service the company’s customer growth in the western region and expand its product line and volume. Expected completion time for phase two is 2016.  

The combined two farms and facilities will enable San Miguel to triple its current growing and production capacity and provide better service for its expanding national customer base of retail and foodservice partners.

Both facilities will be adding new advanced technologies and processes designed for the many innovative products the company continues to offer and grow.

In addition, both farms and facilities expect to continue to add many new jobs in each region, enhancing the communities they serve.

These two new state-of-the-art processing facilities will set a new industry standard by providing greater innovation platforms for growing and processing dark leafy greens, building on its nearly 40-year heritage for growing greens and 20 years of processing high-quality fresh-cut specialty greens.

San Miguel’s brands include:

Cut ‘N Clean Greens – an extensive line of nutrient dense, specialty greens, both conventional and organic. The Cut ‘N Clean Greens line is considered the cornerstone product of the company and was the first washed, chopped, ready-to-use bag greens on the market launched in 1995. Today, the company said it offers the most varieties of specialty greens year-round throughout North America.

Jade – an authentic Asian greens line that was the first washed, ready-to-use fresh Asian greens on the market when it launched in 2008.

San Miguel Produce – conventional and organic bunch greens that are considered a premium brand nationally for quality and consistency year-round since. San Miguel was established in 1976

As a focused niche company, vertically integrated to manage all aspects of growing, processing and marketing its products, San Miguel has earned the reputation for being the category leader for specialty greens. The company is driven by innovation, quality, data, nutrition and consumer trends all which have played a significant role in helping to take nutrient dense greens such as kale, chards, collard and bok choy mainstream and onto the plates of consumers everywhere.

San Miguel has been an integral part of the Ventura County community for 40 years and new investments like these signify the company’s continued growth and commitment to Ventura County, CA. The company also looks forward to building on that same commitment with its partner Herndon Farms in its new, second home of Toombs County, Lyons, GA.

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