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Malang To Karimun Jawa Trip – Ways To Get There, Ferry Schedule And Possible Tour

Have you heard about the secret paradise of Karimun Jawa? Located at 83 Km from Jepara Central Java, this heavenly mini archipelago has turned into a marine national park. For those who love marine life, this location is the best place to witness coral reefs crabs, sharks, stingray, and many more. If you are going for Malang to Karimun Jawa trip, consider reading this article for more info.

The Possible Malang Karimun Jawa Tour


If you are the type that enjoys going with the definite and exact plan, you should consider using Malang Karimun Jawa tours. Since the island is not yet become a big tourism destination, there is several tour package available. Especially, if you go from Malang. However, the possible available tours are a 2-day 1-night trip and a 3-days 2-night trip package in Karimun Jawa Island.

Ways To Get To Karimun Jawa From Malang

1. Take Public Transportation Bus And Ferry

the first way to reach Karimun Jawa is by the public transportation ‘bus’. The estimation time needed will take around 10 hours. If you are interested, this way is the cheapest and the easiest one. You don’t need to use the rent car Surabaya service for private car and there is no transit needed. Take an express bus Malang to Kudus, then taxi to Jepara and take a ferry.

2. Take Train, Taxi, And Ferry

If you don’t feel to take the first option, this way might be favorable for you. This idea can be the cheapest option if you are good at selecting services. Approximately, you need to spend a total of 200,000 – 900,000 rupiah for one trip. The estimated time for the trip will take more than 15 hours. You need to transit quite a lot. You will go by train, taxi, bus, and ferry.

3. Go By Your Private Car And Ferry

Go get the service from rent Car Surabaya to rent a private car for your journey. If you are set for this idea, you might be able to cut off more transportation budget. Consider this option if you are going with friends or colleagues to get a better price and experience. Technically, you can take the same route as the bus with the estimated time around more than 10 hours.

Ferry Schedule To Reach The Island

The last thing you should know is the Ferry or boat schedule. There are two options possible. Take a car ferry or passenger ship for your Malang to Karimun Jawa trip. There are also some fast boats or slow boats available. All are scheduled for one trip each day. the fast boat from Jepara mostly available at 9 or 10 am. While the slow boat will go at 7.00 Am or 1 Pm.

Those are a tad bit information about Malang – Karimun Jawa trip you should know. There is a high possibility of tour packages available for better deals and prices. But you can also go by public transportation or private care. Just make sure you know the exact ferry schedules. As it is limited, you should plan thoroughly so you won’t miss it and ruin the holiday plan.