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Avocado giant Mission Produce to enter the European market

“Avocado to become the new tomato”
Avocado giant Mission Produce to enter the European market

Mission Produce was founded in 1983 and has since grown to become a global leader in the avocado industry. An experienced and knowledgeable field staff, highly efficient packing facilities, an international distribution network, a progressive marketing force and a global grower base all contribute to Mission’s success and future development.

Because of an ever-growing demand for avocados, providing the market with a consistent supply of quality fruit was something that California could not do alone. Mission recognized this fact in 1985 when it became the first US company to import avocados from Mexico. A year later in 1986, Mission was first to import avocados to the US from Chile. Today, Mission can add Peru and New Zealand to the list of countries that provide a source for avocados.

Ine Potting

With crop seasons unique to each country of origin, there is an adequate overlap of fruit availability during the calendar year. As avocado consumption continues to grow, Mission intends to be the key player in the global sourcing marketplace.
Expanding beyond North America, Mission also sells into Asian markets, as well as Europe. Beginning in 2013, Mission established a foothold in the European market by opening a distribution facility in Hazeldonk, in partnership with Mooy Logistics.
Hired as Export Sales Manager for Europe, Ine Potting is responsible for sales in Europe.  Previously Ms. Potting worked for Minnaar, Jover and Hoogsteder (Greenery) and is beginning her second year with Mission. “We started from scratch in Europe, and each day we are progressing more. We intend to strengthen our European operations by being selective with our customer choices and managing the availability of fruit. We found the perfect location with Mooy Logistics, right in between the two most important European ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam,” says Ms. Potting.

Avocado, the new tomato!
Ms. Potting is currently focused on market research in Europe. “We see an enormous potential for avocados in the European market. Average consumption in North America is 2.6kg per capita; whereas in Europe this is only 0.56kg—but is on the rise. We feel that this trend will continue as more people recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and how avocados can contribute to healthy eating. I am convinced that the avocado will become the new tomato!,” says Ine.

Another factor in spurring consumption is providing ripe avocados to the consumer. Mission pioneered avocado ripening in North America, and believes that establishing ripe programs will improve the product’s growth acceptance in Europe.

“Some consumers want to eat an avocado immediately, some after a few days, and some after a week. Mission is a ripening specialist, and we’ve seen sales quadruple by doing a perfect ripening job,” according to Ms. Potting.

“In Europe, many supermarkets want to buy as close to the source as possible, and Mission’s global reach allows us do to that. Depending on market conditions, we can supply Europe on a year-round basis from various countries of origin, and we are consistently looking for additional sources of supply to fill growing demand worldwide.”

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Publication date: 6/13/2014

Mission Produce under way with construction of new avocado packing facility

Mission Produce Inc., based in Oxnard, CA, is under way with the construction of its new packing facility in Oxnard.

The new building will serve as Mission’s avocado packing facility as well as a ripening and forward-distribution center. By the end of 2014, the site will feature 180,000 square feet of new construction including 40,000 square feet of conditioned production space. The facility will have the capacity for more than 6,000 high cube pallets with segregation capabilities by temperature or commodity.

Forced-air cooling along with 20 refrigerated docks will ensure the highest level of cooling and cold storage inside the facility. The project has been designed with the most energy-efficient systems available including state-of-the-art refrigeration and controls, as well as full LED lighting and lighting controls. The rooftop will be equipped with a one-mega watt solar energy system to power the facility.

“The new Oxnard Packing Facility and Forward Distribution and Ripening Center has all of the newest fruit-handling technology, energy-efficient systems and operational efficiencies making it one of the most modern in the country,” Jake Nixon, vice president of engineering and process improvement at Mission, said in a press release.

Completion of the operational packing plant and cooler areas are expected by early 2015. Construction of corporate offices will be the next phase of the project.

“As avocado consumption continues to increase at double-digit growth, Mission’s facilities also need to expand to handle the added volume, whether it be local growth, imports or exports,” Steve Barnard, president and chief executive officer of Mission Produce, added, in the press release. “This new facility will definitely take us to the next level, in addition to being energy efficient.”

Mission, a global avocado packer-shipper, has operations in Mexico, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Canada and the Netherlands, as well as the United States.

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Mission completes new forward distribution and ripening facility in New Jersey

Mission Produce announced the completion of its new, multi-million dollar forward distribution and ripening center in Swedesboro, NJ.

“The New Jersey forward distribution and ripening center has all of the newest fruit handling technology, energy-efficient systems and operational efficiencies making it one of the most modern FDCs in the country,” Jeremy Currier, vice president of distribution and logistics, said in a press release.NJBuilding2Mission Produce’s multi-million dollar forward distribution and ripening center, which is located in Swedesboro, NJ.

The new location has over 100,000 square feet of operational space. This includes 360 ripe pallet spaces with room to add extra spaces when necessary, 4,500 cooler pallet spaces and 23 insulated dock doors.

“The purpose of the move to the new facility is all about growth, operational expansion and projected sales increases,” Currier added in the press release. “New Jersey is our primary location for receiving fruit from Peru. During the Peruvian season, which runs from May to September, we anticipate 25 containers per day, which equates to over 200 loads per week.

“Consumption of avocados in the Northeast has grown faster in the past few years than any other region in the U.S.,” he continued. “We simply outgrew our old New Jersey facility very quickly. With the anticipation of large supplies coming out of Peru, the new center will give us plenty of room to accommodate the volume.”

Mission also has plans for utilizing some of the extra space as a commercial cooling facility.

“We will have the room to do bagging, repacks, fumigation and forced air cooling for other companies and commodities,” Currier said. “We really needed a state-of-the-art facility that’s properly sized and staffed to adequately manage our current and future business as well as the incoming Peruvian volume during their season.”

Mission, a global avocado packer-shipper headquartered in Oxnard, CA, has operations in Mexico, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

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TexaSweet Citrus marketing starts 2013-14 citrus season with new mission, focus

As the Texas citrus season is getting under way, TexaSweet Citrus Marketing Inc. has a new mission and program focus.

For the 2013-14 season, TexaSweet has been charged with educating Rio Grande Valley residents about the threat of citrus greening disease and its implications on the future of the Texas citrus crop. The Texas citrus industry contributes approximately $ 200 million to the region’s economy and a significant number of jobs.

Recently, the Texas Department of Agriculture enacted a five-mile radius quarantine surrounding the detection of a tree testing positive for citrus greening disease in Mission, TX, marking the second quarantine in South Texas.

TexaSweet’s marketing program for citrus greening will include a variety of outreach avenues to valley residents, nurseries, small growers and local media. A unique message has been carefully constructed to grab the public’s attention and provide a call for action.

TexaSweet has designed new materials to assist in their outreach efforts, which include all-region and quarantine specific direct mail postcards, informative flyers and brochures, and unique door hangers. All materials feature the citrus greening message in both English and Spanish. Website banner ads have been designed for use on both Google and Facebook. In addition, media alerts to be used on local radio and television stations have been developed.

TexaSweet is working to engage valley residents and educate them about the important role they have to play in this battle.

“Every citrus tree owner in the Rio Grande Valley needs to be aware of this disease, educated on the symptoms and informed on how to report suspect trees,” Eleisha Ensign, TexaSweet’s executive director, said in a statement. “Valley citrus is vital to our economy and heritage. The industry is doing everything that it can to slow the spread of this disease, and our goal is to educate and mobilize residents to help in this fight against citrus greening. We accept this challenge given by the industry and are diligently working to help save our citrus trees.”

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Mission Produce names director of strategic marketing

Mission Produce Inc., based in Oxnard, CA, has hired Robb Bertels as its new director of strategic marketing.

Bertels was formerly vice president/publishing director at Vance Publishing and the publisher of The Packer newspaper, Produce Merchandising, The Grower, Citrus & Vegetable, Global Produce and Produce Concepts magazines, along with other produce and food industry websites, electronic publications and services. Robb1Robb BertelsHe is a 25-year veteran of business-to-business communications in the produce industry.

Bertels’ background includes advertising communications, sales management, business development, strategic planning, marketing, content development, personnel management and P&L responsibility.

Affiliated with the produce industry since 1987, Bertels began his career with The Packer handling advertising sales in the Salinas Valley before moving to management roles, and eventually vice president and director of publishing at Vance Publishing.

“I’m very enthusiastic about getting re-involved with the produce industry after some time away,” Bertels said in a press release. “I’ve spent the last few years working in business development with various publishing companies and advertising agencies, but have always kept my eye on what’s happening in produce. I’m very happy to be involved in the industry again, especially with a well-respected and growing company like Mission.”

“We’re very excited to have Robb aboard,” Ross Wileman, vice president of sales and marketing at Mission, added in the press release. “As Mission and the avocado category continue to expand domestically and internationally, we will need good people to fill key positions.”

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Importers donate citrus to The Bowery Mission

South African Summer Citrus joins United Nations, Consulate for Mandela International Day
Importers donate citrus to The Bowery Mission

The growers of South Africa Summer Citrus joined with the United Nations and the South African Consulate General of New York to celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day, July 18th, Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

The growers and importers were joined by members of the South Africa Consulate to offload the fruit at the Mission. (Left to Right) Lebogang Mokwena, Consul, Political, Gerard Stone, Director of Western Cape Citrus Producers Forum, George Monyemangene, South African Consulate General, and Piet Smit, Director of Western Cape Citrus Producers Forum.

“As South Africans, we are proud that Mr. Mandela set an example to make the world a better place for everyone,” said Ms. Suhanra Conradie, CEO of the Western Cape Citrus Producers Forum (W.C.C.P.F.). “It is a privilege to export our fine fruit to the US and around the world, and an equal privilege that our fruit can honor Mr. Mandela.”

As part of the week’s Nelson Mandela International Day programs, South African Summer Citrus growers joined United Nations and the South African Consulate General of New York personnel to distribute oranges and solicit pledges from people in New York, asking them to commit 67 minutes toward making their world better.

Steve Tursi of Seald Sweet and George Monyemangene, Consulate General of South African Consulate to New York join associates of The Bowery Mission in New York to receive South African Summer Citrus.

The number 67 is the number of years Nelson Mandela is considered to have been in service to his country. The Mandela Day campaign asked that individuals, groups and businesses donate 67 minutes of time on or around July 18th to give back to their community and the world.

On Thursday, July 18th, the Bowery Mission received 67 cartons of South African Summer Citrus donated by the growers and importers AMC, Capespan, DNE World, and Seald Sweet.  In presenting the fruit to the Mission, the importers and the growers joined with Mr. George Monyemangene, South African Consul General of New York and Ms. Lebogang Mokwena, Consul Political to offload the cartons from the delivery truck. In a bucket brigade-like line, the cartons were passed hand to hand in symbolic multi-cultural and multi-national unity toward easing the pain of hunger.

“We are grateful to the four importers who have joined us in this effort,” said Ms. Conradie. “And we are ever appreciative of the support we receive from the South African Consulate General of New York in support of the citrus program to the US.”

(Left to Right) Miles Fraser-Jones of AMC, Lebogang Mokwena, Consul, Political, Gerard Stone, Director of Western Cape Citrus Producers Forum, George Monyemangene, South African Consulate General, and Piet Smit, Director of Western Cape Citrus Producers Forum formed a brigade like line to offload fruit for The Bowery Mission in a symbol of multi-national and multi-racial unity against hunger.

The Bowery Mission has served homeless and hungry New Yorkers since 1879 and over the last year has provided more than 376,700 meals, 35,400 bags of groceries, 79,900 nights of shelter and 57,400 articles of clothing to those in need.

South African citrus sold in the United States comes primarily from the region near Citrusdal about two hours Northwest of Cape Town, the Northern Cape near Kimberly, and the Northwest along the Orange River, near Upington.

The W.C.C.P.F. facilitates logistical, marketing and sales support coordination of products for its members.  Its mission is to maintain and expand its role as the preferred and reliable supplier of safe Summer citrus for the US.

For more information:
Lisa Packer
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Publication date: 7/22/2013