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Tunisian fig obtains AOC

Tunisian fig obtains AOC

Figs produced in the Djebba area (Tunisia) will now be marketed under the label Figs of Djebba.  This AOC (designation of origin) has been achieved thanks to efforts made since May 2012.  

Figs of Djebba are the second product to benefit from the AOC, a label that guarantees origin.  The AOC was obtained thanks to the PAMPAT (Project for market access of agrifood and “terroir” products) and will allow the product better marketing.  

Publication date: 10/10/2014

Spain: Almeria obtains highest fruit and vegetable prices in 2013

Spain: Almeria obtains highest fruit and vegetable prices in 2013

The Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX) has provided data regarding Spain’s fruit and vegetable exports in 2013. The first place in the ranking was for Almeria, with a total of 1,817.42 million kilos; 38.33% of the total shipped by Spain (4,741.10 million kilos). The second largest exporter was Murcia, with 1,123.33 million kilos; 23.69% of Spain’s total, and the third was Valencia, with 421.12 million kilos; 8.88% of the total.

If we add up the total volumes of fresh fruit and vegetables exported, Valencia takes the lead, with 2,833.65 million kilos; 23.75% of the total, followed by Murcia with 2,215.69 million kilos (18.70%) and Almeria, with 2,204 million kilos (18.47%).

The total value of all exports amounted to 10,769.85 million Euro, which entails an average price for all fresh horticultural products of 0.90 Euro/kilo.

Fruit and vegetables

In this case, Almeria was the province obtaining the best prices for its fruits and vegetables, with an average of 0.92 Euro/kilo and a total of 2,028.36 million Euro in revenue, followed by Murcia, with 0.89 Euro/kilo (2,104.08 million Euro) and Valencia, which reached an average of 0.80 Euro/kilo (2,279.66 million Euro).


As for vegetables alone, Spain reached a total of 4,409.81 million Euro in revenue, with an average of 0.93 Euro/kilo. Almeria obtained the highest income and the best prices for its fresh vegetables, totalling 1,779.02 million Euro; an average of 0.98 Euro/kilo.

In second place we find Murcia, which obtained a total of 1,024.21 million Euro; an average of 0.91 Euro/kilo. Lastly, Valencia made 359.33 million Euro, selling its vegetables at an average of 0.85 Euro/kilo.


Publication date: 3/7/2014