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Risk Management System: Appointment of CRO for NBFCs

Reserve Bank of India  RBI/2018-19/184 DNBR (PD) CC. No.099/03.10.001/2018-19 May 16, 2019 Non-Banking Financial Company– Investment and Credit Companies, Infrastructure Finance Companies, Micro Finance Institutions, Factors and Infrastructure Debt Funds Madam / Dear Sir, Risk Management System – Appointment of Chief Risk Officer (CRO) for NBFCs With the increasing role of NBFCs in direct credit […]

RBI amends housing loan limits / Income for priority sector lending eligibility

it has now been decided to enhance the housing loan limits for eligibility under priority sector lending. Accordingly, in respect of RRBs and SFBs, housing loans to individuals up to ₹ 35 lakh in metropolitan centres (with population of ten lakh and above) and ₹ 25 lakh in other centres, provided the overall cost of the dwelling unit in the metropolitan centres and at other centres does not exceed ₹ 45 lakh and ₹ 30 lakh, respectively will be eligible for classification under Priority Sector Lending.

Draft Rupee Interest Rate Derivatives (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2019

Date : Apr 03, 2019 RBI releases Draft Rupee Interest Rate Derivatives (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2019 under section 45 W of the RBI Act, 1934 The Reserve Bank of India today released Draft Rupee Interest Rate Derivatives (Reserve Bank) Directions 2019. Comments on the draft directions are invited from banks, market participants and other interested parties by […]

RBI reduces policy repo rate under LAF by 25 basis points

Reserve Bank of India Date : Apr 04, 2019 First Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement, 2019-20 Resolution of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) Reserve Bank of India On the basis of an assessment of the current and evolving macroeconomic situation, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) at its meeting today decided to: reduce the policy repo rate under […]

RBI to inject Rupee liquidity through long term USD/INR Buy/Sell Swap auction

 Reserve Bank of India Date : Apr 01, 2019 RBI to inject Rupee liquidity through long term USD/INR Buy/Sell Swap auction In order to meet the durable liquidity needs of the system, the Reserve Bank has decided to inject Rupee liquidity for longer duration through long-term foreign exchange Buy/Sell swap in terms of its extant […]

Disclosure of Divergence in asset classification & provisioning by Banks

Banks should disclose divergences, if either or both of the following conditions are satisfied:a. the additional provisioning for NPAs assessed by RBI exceeds 10 per cent of the reported profit before provisions and contingencies for the reference period, andb. the additional Gross NPAs identified by RBI exceed 15 per cent of the published incremental Gross NPAs for the reference period.

Establishment of BO/ LO / PO or any other place of business in India by foreign entities

For opening of a Branch Office (BO) / Liaison Office (LO) / Project Office (PO) or any other place of business in India, where the principal business of the applicant falls in the Defence, Telecom, Private Security and Information and Broadcasting sector, have since been reviewed in consultation with the Government of India and the amendments have been notified by Government vide Notification No. FEMA 22(R)(2)/2019-RB dated January 21, 2019.

All Agency Banks to remain open for public on March 31, 2019 (Sunday)

RESERVE BANK OF INDIA RBI/2018-19/150 DBR.No.Leg.BC.30/09.07.005/2018-19 March 26, 2019 All Agency Banks Dear Sir/ Madam All Agency Banks to remain open for public on March 31, 2019 (Sunday) The Government of India has advised that all Pay and Account Offices will remain open on March 31, 2019 (Sunday) to facilitate government receipt and payment transactions. […]