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SC Lays Down Guidelines for Operation & Safety of Lockers

Amitabha Dasgupta Vs United Bank of India & Ors.  (Supreme Court Of India) Hon’ble SC held atht irrespective of the value of the articles placed inside the locker, the bank is under a separate obligation to ensure that proper procedures are followed while allotting and operating the lockers: (a) This includes maintenance of a locker register and locker key register. (b) […]

Reserve Bank of India (Digital Payment Security Controls) directions, 2021

Reserve Bank of India vide its statutory powers vested has issued the above directions which are applicable to all scheduled commercial banks (excluding Regional Rural Banks), Small finance banks, Payments banks and Credit card issuing NBFCs. They are reproduced from their website as under for those who intend referring to these complex technical directions. […]

Customer service in Banks – Redressal of complaints: Recent RBI guidelines

I am not amused by the recent directions issued by the Reserve Bank of India vide its communication dated RBI/2020-21/87 CEPD.CO.PRD. Cir. No.01/13.01.013/2020-21 dated January 27, 2021, titled ‘RBI releases framework for strengthening the grievance redress mechanism in banks’ with the following objective. “It has been decided to put in place a comprehensive framework comprising […]

RBI’s directions on Auto conversion of banking a/cs into Senior Citizen Account – No clarification for years

RBI’s directions on Auto conversion (re-designation) of banking a/cs into Senior Citizen Account – No clarification for years Please peruse below the text of an important and relevant portion of a simple query, supported with a clear example, I posed to DBR (RBI). The circular below was issued by RBI following the policy statement of […]

RBI: Report on trend & progress of banking in India 2019-2020

The Reserve Bank of India vide its publication dated 29th December 2020 placed in its website the Report on trend and progress of banking in India 2019-2020 in pursuance of provisions of the Banking Regulations Act, 1949 as per details given below: Its 230 pages report is a treasure house of rare information on […]

RBI study: Price discrimination on over-the-counter currency derivatives

On December 15, 2020, the Reserve Bank of India placed on its website a Working Paper titled ‘Price Discrimination in Over-the-Counter Currency Derivatives’ under the Reserve Bank of India Working Paper Series. The paper is authored by Abhishek Kumar and Vidya Kamate, both, its brilliant staff members. As the name indicates the study deals with […]

Draft Certificate of Deposit (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2020- Analysis

Reserve Bank of India vides its communication FINANCIAL MARKETS REGULATION DEPARTMENT Notification No. FMRD.DIRD. XX /XX.XX.XXX/2020-21 dated December 4, 2020, placed on its web site the following for your comments which can be sent to [email protected] by January 31, 2021. The above directions were issued to all entities/agencies eligible to deal in Certificate of […]

Banking Regulation Act Vs. Banking Regulation Ordinance 2020

Difference between Banking Regulation Act before Amendment and After Amendment of Introduction of The Banking Regulation Ordinance, 2020. BR Act (Before Amendment) BR Act (After Amendment) Remarks  (1) Change in Section 3: – Section 3 Nothing in this Act shall apply to. – (a) a primary agricultural credit society; (b) a co-operative land mortgage bank; […]

RBI Committee Recommends Conversion of Large NBFCs into Banks & Entry of Corporates

In a series of recommended proposals, an internal working group (IWG) of the Indian Central Bank (Reserve bank of India) has suggested increasing the existing cap on stake owned by corporate houses in the bank. This will facilitate the guarded entry of corporates into the banking system. The committee also suggested conversion of giant NBFCs […]

Latest Ownership Guidelines & Corporate Structure for Indian Private Sector Banks- RBI

The Report of the Internal Working Group set up to Review extant Ownership Guidelines and Corporate Structure for Indian Private Sector Banks by Reserve Bank of India dated October 26, 2020, by four members team was submitted. As the name indicates this epoch-making event unlocks the mysteries of floating a private sector bank and the […]

RBI places Lakshmi Vilas Bank under Moratorium

Reserve Bank of India Date : Nov 17, 2020 The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd. placed under Moratorium The financial position of The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd. (the bank) has undergone a steady decline with the bank incurring continuous losses over the last three years, eroding its net-worth. In absence of any viable strategic plan, declining […]

Dormant Bank Account or Inoperative Bank Account

Now-a-days many people receive mail from their banks stating that their bank account will become Inoperative/ Dormant for non-operation of Saving as well as Current Account? Many people got confused or stressed because of such mails, hence today I am writing this article to help my readers to understand and face this issue confidently.

Revised Core Investment Companies (CIC) Guidelines – August 2020

The RBI Committee was formed under former Corporate Affairs Secretary, Mr. Tapan Ray to suggest a new regulatory and supervisory framework in light of the bust up of IL&FS in 2018. IL&FS was declared insolvent in September 2018 after it failed to honour its debt which was distributed among its 347 group companies. The complex […]

RBI: Governor’s Statement – October 9, 2020 with green offshoots

The newly appointed Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of Reserve Bank of India with Dr. Ashima Goyal, Professor Jayanth R. Varma, and Dr. Shashanka Bhide, as external members met on 7th, 8th, and 9th October 2020 in its first meeting and the 25th under the monetary policy framework that was instituted in June 2016. “The MPC […]

RBI: ‘Technology Vision for Cyber Security’ for Urban Co-op Banks- 2020-2023

Reserve Bank of India in tune with its policy to prepare Urban Co-operative Banks (UCB) for meeting the challenges of modern technological ways of extension of banking through Urban Co-operative banks issued a detailed communication dated 24th September 2020 titled ‘Technology vision for cybersecurity for urban co-operative banks’. It introduces the UCBs to get prepared […]