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Taiwan third largest exporter of stonefurit to US in 2013

Taiwan third largest exporter of stonefruit to US in 2013

Taiwan was the third largest export market for U.S. peaches and nectarines in 2013, as well as the third largest export market for U.S. cherries.  Stonefruits are appreciated by Taiwan consumers, but also by Taiwan wholesalers and retailers, who prefer them because of their profitability.

In 2013, Taiwan imported a total of 21,553 metric tons (MT) of peaches/nectarines, valued at approximately US$ 48 million.  Out of that total, the United States continued to dominate the Taiwan peach/nectarine import market, accounting for 76% of Taiwan’s total fresh peach/nectarine imports.  Taiwan’s imports of U.S. peaches/nectarines increased 16% by volume, while total imports also increased 16% during the 2013 season.  Currently, the United States supplies 33% of Taiwan’s total consumption.  The principal competition for U.S. peaches/nectarines is from local production with an estimated 27,156 tons harvested in 2013.   

Taiwan does not produce cherries, so 100% of local demand must be met by imports. Taiwan’s imports of U.S. cherries decreased by 55% in 2013; although the United States remained the fruit’s largest in 2013, with 4,401 MT or nearly US$ 34 million.  However, the entry of major southern hemisphere suppliers (e.g., Australia, Chile, and New Zealand) has shifted some market share away from U.S. suppliers in recent years.

In 2013, Taiwan peach/nectarine production totalled 27,156 MT, a nearly 7% decrease below the 2012 output, due in part to excessive rain in April and the powerful Typhoon Soulik, which hit central Taiwan in July.  The majority of peaches/nectarines are grown in the northern and central part of Taiwan.  In 2013, the area planted declined to 2,314 hectares, a 59 hectare decrease from the previous year.

Last year, Taiwan imported a total of 21,553 MT, or US$ 48 million, worth of peaches and nectarines, which represents a 16% increase in volume and 18% in value compared to the previous year.  The United States had the largest market share (76%), followed by Chile (22%), Australia (1.20%), Japan (1.08%), and New Zealand (0.03%).

As for cherries, Taiwan’s total imports dropped significantly, by nearly 45% in volume and 24% in value, reaching a total of 8,284 MT or US$ 67 million.  The United States remained the leading supplier with 53% of the market, followed by Chile (23%), Canada (10%), Australia (8%), and New Zealand (6%).

Publication date: 8/15/2014