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Peru exports 23% more tangerines in first half of 2014

77 million dollars
Peru exports 23% more tangerines in first half of 2014

Peruvian tangerine exports between January and August this year amounted to US $ 77 million, 23.1% more than in the same period of 2013, when they totalled $ 62.5 million, stated the management of ADEX Agro. 

According to them, shipments of this product were divided into two batches, fresh or dried mandarins, with shipments that amounted to $ 54 million (70.3% of the total exports), and fresh or dried tangelo tangerines, with shipments that amounted to $ 22.8 million (29.6% of total exports). 

According to the Business Intelligence System ADEX Data Trade, Peruvian tangerines were sent to 27 countries. The main target was the United States, which accounts for 30.4% of total exports with orders worth USD $ 23 million, i.e. a 62.4% increase. 

The UK ranked second with $ 18.4 million, +17.5% and 23.8% of total exports, followed by the Netherlands ($ 12.9 million), Canada (11.1 million) Ireland (2.9 million), Russia, Colombia, Sweden and Finland, among others. 

It’s worth noting that, even though Russia didn’t present a significant amount of orders ($ 2.3 million), exports to that country in the first half of 2014 increased by 30.1% over the same period last year. Exports to Colombia and Sweden also increased by 54.8% and 52.7%, respectively. 

The management of ADEX Agro stressed that the increase in tangerine exports was due to the increase in production caused by the alternating production this year. 

They also noted that this year the fruit had a great taste and quality, which is the one that has the most demand. They also stated that the tangerine harvest lasted all year, but that there was a peak between April and August. 

44 companies, led by Laran SAC Processing, Fruit Products Consortium SA, Agricultural Norsur SAC, Chincha Fruit Corporation SAC, Procesadora Torre Blanca SA, Camposol SA and Huamaní SAC, export the tangerines 


Publication date: 10/31/2014

US: Importation of Egyptian oranges, tangerines allowed

US: Importation of Egyptian oranges, tangerines allowed

The US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service recently approved a rule that would allow Egyptian exporters to resume shipments of oranges and tangerines to the United States. The rule will allow the re-entry of Egyptian citrus, which had previously been prohibited from entering the US for over a decade.

Oranges and clementines from Egypt had been prohibited from entering the US in 2002 when some Egyptian fruit was found to have peach fruit fly. But based on findings of a pest list and commodity import evaluation documents, APHIS determined that the risk of importing tangerines and oranges from Egypt could be mitigated with appropriate phytosanitary measures.

Now, oranges and tangerines will be able to come into the US from Egypt if they undergo treatments to ensure they are free of harmful pests. APHIS had proposed the rule earlier this year and sought comments on the possible change. Now that the rule will go into effect, a full list of the requirements necessary in order to bring Egyptian oranges and tangerines into the country can be obtained from APHIS.

Publication date: 8/23/2013
Author: Carlos Nunez