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Turbana taps into community opinion to find new social program to support

25Klogo-copyCorporations often donate money to charities or non-profits, but it’s rare to find an organization that lets the consumer decide where their support should go. Turbana, a premier banana producer,  is taking its social movement “Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness” to a new level by encouraging the community to speak up and choose causes close to their own hearts and homes.25kGroupPromo-copy The community cause that receives the most votes will win a $ 25,000 sponsorship, and Turbana will work with community members to instate a program that supports the cause.

Dubbed “Win 25K For Your Cause,” this interactive contest gives the community a chance to speak up, take action and have a big effect. The contest is fully housed within Turbana’s Facebook, and it is driven by consumer engagement, votes and shares throughout the period of July 1-Aug. 12. Consumers visiting the tab are invited to “tally” themselves into Turbana’s ongoing “Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness” movement, which focuses on empowering individuals to do good for their communities. During the voting period, they can nominate a cause of their choice or vote for a cause that has already been nominated.

Since Turbana’s main focus is on inspiring healthier, happier communities, it’s only appropriate that the company takes on such an ambitious call-to-action. Born from a cooperative of farmers seeking a better standard of living, Turbana takes pride in empowering the communities in which it is present.

“Win 25K For Your Cause” will empower individuals to make a difference by bringing light to community organizations that need support, while simultaneously bringing about positive change in their local areas. Turbana aims to produce a snowball effect by using the company’s own enthusiasm and passion for community involvement to inspire individuals to participate in giving back to their communities across the nation.

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Turbana launches ‘Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness” movement

Turbana Corp. announced the launch of “Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness,” a nationwide movement that aims to inspire Americans to live actively, eat healthy, get involved in their communities and ultimately care about the well-being of the world around them.

The campaign kicked off with a road tour, where a branded Turbana truck will be traveling to different cities and events with messages that support “Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness,” GSSG-Campaign-Photo-9Turbana Corp.’s ‘Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness,’ movement aims to improve the well-being of Americans and their communities.providing thousands of samples to consumers, directing them to Turbana’s local retailers and inviting consumers to “Tally Me In” to the movement.

The road tour launched Oct. 10 at Light the Night Walk in Boston and was scheduled to work its way down through Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, DC, and finally to The Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington, VA, where 120,000 people will be present.

As more and more people tally themselves in to the movement, they become a part of Turbana’s larger vision to grow smiles and share goodness with others.

Aligned with Turbana’s core values, “Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness” mirrors Turbana’s philosophy, which has always been about providing healthy, responsible foods, practicing fair business and caring about Turbana’s communities.

“We want to stimulate people to be active, eat well, care about the environment and be proactive about creating a healthy life for themselves and their families,” Marion Tabard, marketing director at Turbana, said in a press release. “We’re starting with the East Coast road tour and will be unveiling more on and offline initiatives in the coming months.

“Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness” aspires to reach 20 million people and incorporates Turbana’s retail partners into the movement.

To learn more about the “Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness” social movement, visit booth No. 4139 at the PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans.

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Turbana program to help retailers capture growing market

Turbana program to help retailers capture growing market

Turbana Corporation have announced a unique program for its Tropicals line that will help retailers capture the ethnic market, which is the fastest growing segment in the US population. Nielsen reported Hispanics and Asians increased 47.3% and 51% respectively between 2000-2012; this increase is expected to triple by 2050. Ethnic consumers value fresh and high quality fruits, eat at home four to five times per week, and cook from scratch more often than the average consumer. They also shop about two to three times per week and spend more dollars per visit. Turbana’s goal for its tropicals program is to help retailers optimize sales by capturing these growing segments of the population and to help them stay ahead of their competitors by making their stores a one-stop-shop for ethnic markets.

With Turbana’s tropicals program, retailers now have the opportunity to reach a very specific and substantial consumer market in the United States, while introducing mainstream consumers to ethnic tropicals. Turbana is also offering a mobile application where each retailer can login, learn more about ethnic tropicals, their consumer profiles, and discover relevant demographics in each of their stores’ market area in order to customize their tropical produce and cater to that population’s needs. In addition, the program is offering retailers knowledge of ethnic holidays so retailers can be equipped with specific produce for holiday occasions. QR codes will also be featured on a selection of the tropicals that provide creative recipes, appealing to both the ethnic markets and the mainstream consumer.

“Our goal is to give retailers an opportunity to garner a new type of consumer with high buying power,” says Ricardo Echeverri, Vice President of Turbana Tropicals. “The ethnic market in the US is a significant one, one whose diet is dependent on tropicals, and we want to help our retail partners turn their stores into a destination for this quickly growing market.”

Turbana will be showcasing their tropicals program at PMA Fresh Summit 2013 in New Orleans. Located at booth number 4139, Turbana will have a chef demonstrating recipes using two of the most common ethnic tropicals, yucca and chayote, as well as iPad’s that demonstrate how to use the new application. Turbana’s tropical line includes yucca, chayote, eddoes, batata, malanga lila, calabaza, yellow yam, dry coconut, name, aloe vera, malanga coco, and malanga blanca.

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Turbana partners with Price Chopper for healthy eating and breast cancer research campaign

Turbana Corp. is partnering again this fall with its retail partner, Price Chopper, for the Pink Ribbon Produce campaign to educate consumers on healthy eating habits and living active lifestyles while also raising funds for breast cancer research and awareness.

turbanaThe campaign will run Oct. 6 through Nov. 2 and all Turbana bananas at Price Chopper will feature stickers that position the company as a “Proud Supporter of Pink Ribbon Produce.”

The money donated by Turbana and Price Chopper consumers goes directly back into local communities; funds raised by the program will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and provide mammograms and educational programs to help save the lives of thousands of uninsured women, while educating people how to live healthy lifestyles.

“We are happy to be partnering again with one of our loyal partners, Price Chopper, on a campaign that we believe in and that we’ve seen directly help benefit women, families, and consumers alike,” Marion Tabard, marketing director for Coral Gables, FL-based Turbana, said in a press release. “We hope to have another great year and raise significant dollars to help Price Chopper’s community and the greater community at large.”

This is the latest in a long series of philanthropic partnerships between Turbana and Price Chopper. Last spring, the companies teamed up for Produce for Kids’ “Get Healthy, Give Hope” spring campaign, which educated consumers on healthy eating with fresh produce and raised funds for local children’s hospitals in Price Chopper communities. A total of $ 10,828.70 was donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth.

For more information on the Pink Ribbon Produce campaign, please visit

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