Italy: Weather affects strawberry campaign

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Italy: Weather affects strawberry campaign

“The weather deeply affected the campaign, so much so that nothing developed at the usual times,” explains Salvatore Secondulfo, owner of OP Secondulfo, 

Strawberries developed more during the winter months, “therefore we expect lower yields towards the end of the season. Unfortunately, there were less nutrients in the plants during their most productive period.”

According to the owner, there are many factors that influence the campaign. “Due to the change in climate, Germany, as well as other Central and Northern European countries, is now cultivating more fruit, so it can satisfy internal demand and import less produce. In addition, the produce in exporting countries ripened earlier than usual, thus reducing their commercial period.”

“Despite this, we feel the strawberry campaign was good, especially in February, March and April 2014. We are confident we have done a good job, nonetheless, we are open to improvements. Basilicata for example adopted a number of different commercial strategies and achieved good results.”

OP Secondulfo covers around 400 hectares of kiwis, grapes, peaches, strawberries, apricots and nectarines. Produce is sold under the KiwiPiù and MissDolcezza brands.

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Publication date: 5/23/2014