Passion changes everything

As a health and wellness consultant I have had the honor to work with thousands of people over the years. Many of them are leading incredibly busy lives juggling a family while working one or two jobs, taking care of a home, pets and if there is time at the end of the day, taking care of themselves.

After getting to know personalities, seeing negative work environments, noticing extremely hectic schedules, and even witnessing tears (much more often than you would think), I conclude many aren’t overwhelmingly happy. In fact they are downright stressed, which leads to unhappiness.

When trying to live a healthy lifestyle, most people focus on diet and exercise, but rarely take into account the destructive forces of stress and unhappiness.

“Be aware when you are doing something you love. It is biochemically impossible to be stressed and feel grateful at the same time.” Dr. Libby Weaver, PhD.

I am eternally grateful for my career and the opportunities that I have been given. I truly LOVE what I do for a living, which is to educate, inspire, and empower people to lead a healthy lifestyle. It rarely feels like “work.” It’s incredibly rewarding to help people help themselves, one baby step or one giant step at a time. Lives transform before me. For that, I am grateful everyday. It makes me a better mother, wife and person.

But, it wasn’t always this way. I remember crying in the shower on the rock bottom day of my previous career. That day, my sadness was very real physical pain. I paused and asked myself “Why are you doing this to yourself? STOP!” The pain and stress to compensation ratio was not worth it. Then I asked myself, “What am I passionate about?” Answer: Living a healthy lifestyle.

That changed everything.

My passion is my “Why.” It is the driving force behind all that I do. It fuels my fire. I don’t wish hitting “rock bottom” on anyone but sometimes it is a necessary wake up call. Tough love.

Are you passionate about what you do? Does if feel more like work or fun? Does it keep you up at night? If not, maybe it’s time for positive change in a new direction. Your health just may depend on it.

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