Spain: Aragon expects 570,000 tonne fruit harvest

Unstable situation between Russia and EU raises concerns
Spain: Aragon expects 570,000 tonne fruit harvest

With a 10 day advance at the start of the campaign, the Spanish region of Aragon expects to harvest 570,000 tonnes of fruit this year, as announced by the head of fruit and vegetables of the Union of Growers and Farmers of Aragon (UAGA), Vicente López.

Aragon has over 38,000 hectares of stone and pome fruit plantations, of which 34,000 are in full production. 54% of those hectares are devoted to the cultivation of peaches and nectarines, 20% to cherries, 5% to apricots, 3% to plums, 10% to pears and 9% to apples. 

According to UAGA, Aragon’s total fruit production last year was of about 570,000 tonnes and this year’s is expected to match it, as despite the variability of the weather conditions in 2014, the good spring temperatures have allowed for a good fruit development.

The peach and nectarine production is expected to be the same as last year, of about 370,000 tonnes. The cherry harvest will be greater than in 2013, with about 30,000 tonnes, and apricots should also register similar figures to last season, with some 11,000 tonnes. No variations expected either for the plum harvest, with a production of 7,000 tonnes, while apples will fall by 20% and pears are expected to remain at similar levels as in 2013. 

According to UAGA, the value of Aragon’s final agricultural production in 2013 amounted to 3,793.21 million Euro; 10.24% more than in 2012. Last year, the fruit sector reached a value of 341 million Euro; 1% more than in 2012.

Aragon’s fruit industry ranks second in terms of food product exports, with transactions valued at a total of 114,659 million Euro. 

In this sense, UAGA expressed its concern on behalf of the sector regarding the instability in the relations between Russia and the European Union, given that approximately 25% of the region’s peach and nectarine production is exported to Russia.

Publication date: 6/4/2014