Spain: Start of Valencian kaki campaign with 11% higher production

Spain: Start of Valencian kaki campaign with 11% higher production

The president of the Regulatory Board, Cirilo Arnandis, said Monday that the kaki harvest this season is expected to reach approximately 80,000 tonnes, with “high quality and good calibres.” This is 8,000 tonnes more than last season.

Arnandis highlighted how the success of kakis is the result of hard work and effort in the entire sector, as well as support from the regional and national administrations. “We have managed to turn kakis into a flagship product,” he stressed.

The campaign will primarily focus on consumers, aiming for them to recognise the fruit with the PDO Ribera del Xuquer “as a kaki that guarantees flavour, quality and food safety,” and that only PDO-certified fruit can be marketed under the Persimon label. 

In addition to promotions at domestic level, Arnandis said that such campaigns will also be carried out, with help from ICEX, in Germany, the UK and Canada. There will also be a EU-funded campaign in France. Total investments in promotion for this season exceeded one million Euro. 

Moreover, the president of the Regulatory Board stated that while hailstorms have affected the production in some places of the region, this will be of “equal or slightly higher quality than last year, although taking into account that not all demand could be covered last season. “This campaign there will be a decline in demand as a result of the closure of the Russian market, although there is enough demand from other markets to absorb all supply,” he explained.


Publication date: 10/9/2014