Stickers help Green Dragon apple sales soar

Frieda’s Specialty Produce, based in Los Alamitos, CA, offers Green Dragon apples with labels to distinguish these sweet, juicy, and fragrant heirloom apples from other green apples. The labels also inform shoppers that the naturally freckled skin is quite normal.stickers2

Shoppers love the Green Dragon Apple’s sweet, low-acid flavor with hints of pineapple and pear. The skin is not thick like other green apples, making them perfect for eating out of hand. Plus Frieda’s exclusively offers Baby Green Dragon apples, which are perfect for school snacking programs.

Green Dragon apples feature a lime-green, bruise-resistant skin dotted with brown freckles. They are often mistaken for Golden Delicious or Granny Smiths, and considered to be blemished because of the freckles.   

“We launched the new stickers last season, and the feedback has been very positive,” Karen Caplan, president and chief executive officer of Frieda’s Inc., said in a press release. “Our effort to educate shoppers and produce staff continue beyond just the stickers. We carry on the conversation about how freckles are normal for these delicious apples on our social media channels and website.”

Interested retailers, wholesalers and foodservice distributors can contact Frieda’s to book these popular apples, and gain access to Frieda’s extensive product information, high resolution images, and recipe database.

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