This Week in Agriculture, 2.7.2018


Welcome to This Week in Agriculture. We will bring you interesting, out-of-the-ordinary finds going on in agriculture. Not the big headlines, but the curious, funny, and inspiring stories across the land.

In this week’s installment, we share a new video series about turkey farming. Keep reading to see how interest in the Farm Bill compares with the Winter Olympics and SpaceX Dragon.

1. Adam Timmerman Visits Iowa State Ag Business Class


Former NFL offensive lineman, Adam Timmerman paid a visit to long-time Iowa State University Ag Business professor, Ron Deiter’s Economics of Sports class on Monday. Prior to his football career, Timmerman graduated with an agribusiness degree from South Dakota State University. He bought a John Deere no-till drill with his Green Bay signing bonus. Iowa State Department of Economics published a recap of the presentation here.

For more on Timmerman’s life back on the family farm, check out this story.

2. National Turkey Federation Releases New Video Series


Meeting consumer curiosity with commonsense and humor, the National Turkey Federation has prepared a new series of videos and other resources about turkey farming. Several short clips, including the one above, are available at

3. National Crop Insurance Services Launch Farm Bill Video Series


As lawmakers, commodity leaders, and insurers gathered for this week’s Crop Insurance Industry Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona, National Crop Insurance Services kicked off a new video series. The first Risk Management Minute video explains, “Farmers collectively pay between $3.5 billion and $4 billion a year in premiums, even in years without a disaster.” More videos will be made available throughout the month.

4. National Pork Board Ordered to Stop Trademark Payments to National Pork Producers Council

Politico recently reported the checkoff funded National Pork Board (NPB) must stop paying the lobbying organization, National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) for trademarks after a recent federal court ruling. NPB was paying $3 million a year over 20 years for “Pork The Other White Meat” and other trademarks that the Humane Society of the United States and two others say were overvalued.

5. Farm Bill Interest Compared to Winter Olympics and SpaceX Dragon


While the Winter Olympics and SpaceX Dragon are making mainstream national headlines, users were also searching Google News for Farm Bill headlines. Check out the latest Farm Bill coverage from here.