UFCW Local 5 finally has new officers

United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Local 5 finally has new officers after the results of a 2012 election were invalidated.

The new president is John Nunes, who won 65% of the votes cast over his opponent, Terry Gonzales; and the new secretary-treasurer is Jack Landes, who won 63% of the vote to beat Kelly Martinez.

Both Nunes and Landes were part of the same slate. In elections for 20 vice president positions, the Nunes-Landes slate won half and the Gonzales-Martinez slate won the other half.

Local 5, based in San Jose, Calif., was ordered by the UFCW international to conduct new elections because of perceived violations in the election held in September, 2012, when the incumbent present, Ron Lind, was reelected.

Before voting in that election took place, Lind’s opponent, a union representative, was fired — allegedly, he said, because he opted to run against the incumbent.

A few months later the UFCW international said its own investigation indicated “allegations related to the use of union equipment and on-the-clock campaigning were found to have merit … [and] may have impacted the results of the election.”

A new election was ordered that could include only candidates who had run in the first election if they had “maintained continuous active membership in Local 5 ” — an order that precluded Lind’s original challenger.

Ultimately the international ordered a new election that would include an entirely new nominating process for all positions. Lind chose not to run for reelection after presiding over the local for approximately 35 years.

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