US (WA): Apricot season transitions from California to Washington

US (WA): Apricot season transitions from California to Washington

As the California apricot season winds down, volumes of fruit are picking up in Washington. While the market is currently tight, that should be resolved as more varieties come online in the near future.

“Size of fruit is up a bit from last year, and our orchards were lucky enough to avoid hail damage,” said Viva Tierra’s Addie Pobst. While she noted that hail damage is always a danger growers have to look out for early in the Summer, the absence of that has allowed Viva Tierra to start the season off well.

“We will have nearly double the production volume we had last year,” added Pobst. With only late-variety fruit coming out of California, the market is now looking to Washington for apricots. Viva Tierra currently has the Robada apricot available, and though Pobst said the market is a little tight right now because there isn’t a lot of volume, prices should come down as volumes pick up later in the season. Viva Tierra’s other varieties include the Perfection and Rival, which they ship in two-layer panta packs and 24 pound volume fill.

“Quality will be similar to last year, which was great,” said Pobst. “It’s just a question of making sure we pick the fruit at its peak of flavor and get them out to the stores so people can enjoy them.”

Addie Pobst
Viva Tierra Organic, Inc.
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Publication date: 6/26/2013
Author: Ben Littler